The Path out of Loneliness

"Accessible and understandable, providing the reader with knowledge and resources to combat this far-reaching issue." - DR. Caroline Leaf

Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions. We have lost the art of connection and relationship, and it’s killing us.

Begin Your Healing Journey

Your future can be better than your present.

You need a counselor who will acknowledge where you presently are and draw out the best in you.

"This is probably the best therapy experience I’ve had. I feel heard and understood, but also challenged to change my habits and actions. I have been given tangible strategies and help to change."


Springs Mental Health Summit

Springs Mental Health Summit  The Springs Mental Health Summit is a conference intended to empower and equip everyone with the tools necessary to understand and support mental health in his or her community. Furthermore, the Summit hopes to remove the societal stigma around mental health. The Summit provides tangible resources to those that desire to…

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My Story

The Catalyst Just two years earlier, we had moved from California where I had close friends and family who knew me at my core and…

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What if I told you that a fear of mental illness is unfounded? What if I told you that what you do not see is,…

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