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Life is Messy


Dr. Mark Mayfield's painful personal experiences have now become accepted and integral parts of his life story. His years of guiding hundreds of people into mental, emotional, and spiritual health have equipped him. His personal life and professional life have set him on a mission to help you accept yourself as you are, then face, understand, and become the best version of yourself.


In middle school, young Mark hit a point of tragic despair after being bullied, misunderstood, and neglected. He decided one night that the pain was too great to bear, and swallowed an entire bottle of pills.

Thankfully, his suicide attempt failed when his parents rushed him to the hospital later that night. This experience prepared him to empathize with and fight for those living in despair.

After high school, Dr. Mayfield set out to help people in any way he could, which ultimately led him down the path of becoming a counselor.

Immediately after becoming a counselor, Dr. Mayfield hungered to help more people. He has since created a non-profit counseling center that serves over 15,000 appointments per year, authored books, conducted trainings, and spoken in large gatherings.

Through all of these mediums and more, Dr. Mayfield continues to focus his attention on guiding people toward feeling needed, valued, and loved. He trains people on how to Stop • Listen • Respond instead of React. He teaches people how to embrace the messy healing process in themselves and those around them.


Dr. Mark Mayfield


David Galvan
Education for a Lifetime

Dr. Mark is a phenomenal presenter and a depth of expertise in the Mental Health arena. In the many times that he and I have presented together, he has been both clinical and practical though being very authentic and vulnerable in his communication. I am so grateful that he and his organization provide such a…
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John Eldredge
Ransomed Heart Ministries

Mayfield Counseling Centers is filling a critical need in our city. These are good people devoted to serving God by helping others. – John Eldredge, Author, Speaker, Ransomed Heart Ministries
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Dr. Wess Stafford
Compassion International

It is leaders like Mark Mayfield that give me such confidence in the future of the Church. His heart, vision, expertise and insight are a blessing to us all … for such a time as this! – Dr. Wess Stafford, President Emeritus, Compassion International
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Jeni Mason
New Life Church

Our team has done various trainings with Dr. Mark and he is personable, funny and comes with a variety of information.  In our trainings I have walked away with an understanding of how the human brain works in various trauma situations, and have left feeling equipped and encouraged in continuing in the work I am…
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Dr. Michael J. Anthony
Familymin Academy

Dr. Mark Mayfield has served on faculty in our Family Ministry Academy ( for the past three years and has been highly effective and well received by our students. Specializing in areas of family, couples, and individual therapy, Dr. Mayfield has been a valuable resource for our ministry leaders across North America. Students have appreciated his…
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Dr. Michelle Anthony
New Life Church
Familymin Academy

Dr. Mark Mayfield is an experienced counselor and teacher with a wealth of understanding and knowledge! I have had the privilege of having Dr. Mayfield as one of our professors in Familymin Academy for many years and our students always rave that he is one of their favorite teachers. His warm personal interaction and pastoral…
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How To Develop Mindfulness And Serenity During Stressful Or Uncertain Times

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How to Get Therapy Virtually

It’s not a novel idea to opt for therapy in times of need. It is surprising, however, how easy it is to migrate from in-person therapy to virtual therapy and – in this era of endless disappointing swipes – how easy it is to start seeing someone new that’s a good match.
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How To Have A Successful Second Marriage, According to Experts

Relationship advice, both solicited and unsolicited, is as common as marriage itself. This is especially true for people who’ve been married and, either due to divorce or the loss of a spouse, are preparing to walk down the aisle for a second time. But a successful second marriage — like any long-term relationship — requires more than…
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5 Things We Can Each Do To Make Social Media And The Internet A Kinder And More Tolerant Place

When we have a “crowd” of followers “cheering us on” there becomes a “tribalistic mob mentality” that takes effect which can directly embolden the individual to push the limits. We are relational beings, meant to be in face-to-face community with other people. When we do not have the ability to have good or difficult conversations…
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In the Information Age, ideas are currency. We are always in desperate need of wisdom to help us approach life more strategically, more efficiently, and most importantly, in a more emotionally healthy way. Dr. Mayfield speaks to large groups in order to increase mental health & healthy communication.


All organizations—non-profits and for-profits alike—rise and fall on their culture of communication. From the team moving in a unified direction, to employees treating  customers, constituents, and congregants with respect. Dr. Mayfield wants to teach you how to perceive what's going on under the surface so you can better serve everyone you interact with.

Additionally, parents and guardians tend to encounter a seemingly bottomless & unbridgeable void when attempting to understand and connect with their child. Dr. Mayfield can equip you with a 3-step process to evoke a healthy, transparent, vulnerable response from your child.


Dr. Mayfield's perspective as a well-established mental health professional is invaluable to every field. If you are writing an article, hosting a podcast, or conducting a panel and you would like to involve a mental health expert, you couldn't choose someone who will communicate more simply, clearly, and holistically than Dr. Mayfield.


Tired of feeling ill-equipped for pivotal conversations?

Dr. Mayfield's framework guides individuals and teams toward:

  • understanding of the importance of relationships
  • establishing personal resiliency
  • how to lead in an emotionally healthy way
  • relating to those around them so that others feel needed, valued, and loved
  • achieving unconditional positive regard toward others, resulting in people feeling respected & heard

In a business context, this means you gain higher employee satisfaction, more confident managers, happier customers, and higher cash flow. In a faith-based context, this means a more unified & equipped staff team who more effectively exhibit love toward your congregation and follow-through on their ministry.

Achieve Success

Be the leader whose team...

  • Is fully confident in their relationships
  • Has clear protocols in interactions with team members & customers
  • Regularly reaches new heights in self-awareness

Avoid Failure

Don't be the leader whose team...

  • Is constantly on edge
  • Doesn't know how to communicate, relate, or respect
  • Remains unaware of their impact on those around them

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