I love equipping leaders, organizations, and congregations through speaking. I speak to gatherings of all sizes. These environments include organizations, churches, podcasts, and conferences. My desire is to help you and those you serve increase in their mental and emotional health, create healthy communication patterns and discover clarity, hope, and freedom.


Navigating the mental health landscape can often be a challenging task. I provide workshops that can help your organization or congregation be better equipped to support those you serve. Whether the workshop is 3-hours or over two days I provide practical evidenced based tools that can help you successfully partner with others as they navigate their own mental health journey.


I help leaders navigate the complexities of their mental and emotional health. One-on-one coaching helps clarify your current challenges while simultaneously helping you discern how to lead better. I help leaders translate their current circumstances while providing accurate and tangible directions to help with the next steps. These coaching sessions are 90-minutes long. I also lead 8-week learning communities for leaders and pastors who want to grow in a collaborative environment.


Tired of feeling ill-equipped for pivotal conversations?

Dr. Mayfield's framework guides individuals and teams toward:

  • understanding of the importance of relationships
  • establishing personal resiliency
  • how to lead in an emotionally healthy way
  • relating to those around them so that others feel needed, valued, and loved
  • achieving unconditional positive regard toward others, resulting in people feeling respected & heard

In a business context, this means you gain higher employee satisfaction, more confident managers, happier customers, and higher cash flow. In a faith-based context, this means a more unified & equipped staff team who more effectively exhibit love toward your congregation and follow-through on their ministry.


Be the leader whose team...

  • Is fully confident in their relationships
  • Has clear protocols in interactions with team members & customers
  • Regularly reaches new heights in self-awareness


Don't be the leader whose team...

  • Is constantly on edge
  • Doesn't know how to communicate, relate, or respect
  • Remains unaware of their impact on those around them
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