I translate mental health concepts to provide clarity and a path towards healing for kingdom advocates

Springs Mental Health Summit

Springs Mental Health Summit  The Springs Mental Health Summit is a conference intended to empower and equip everyone with the tools necessary to understand and support mental health in his or her community. Furthermore, the Summit hopes to remove the societal stigma around mental health. The Summit provides tangible resources to those that desire to…
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How To Develop Mindfulness And Serenity During Stressful Or Uncertain Times

Listen: Most often anxiety doesn’t make sense. It can come out of no-where and catastrophize in your mind. Often the role of a therapist is to listen and help make sense of the struggle. Yes, therapy is a wonderful tool and I would recommend it to everyone, AND it is important for us to be…
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How to Get Therapy Virtually

It’s not a novel idea to opt for therapy in times of need. It is surprising, however, how easy it is to migrate from in-person therapy to virtual therapy and – in this era of endless disappointing swipes – how easy it is to start seeing someone new that’s a good match.
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How To Have A Successful Second Marriage, According to Experts

Relationship advice, both solicited and unsolicited, is as common as marriage itself. This is especially true for people who’ve been married and, either due to divorce or the loss of a spouse, are preparing to walk down the aisle for a second time. But a successful second marriage — like any long-term relationship — requires more than…
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5 Things We Can Each Do To Make Social Media And The Internet A Kinder And More Tolerant Place

When we have a “crowd” of followers “cheering us on” there becomes a “tribalistic mob mentality” that takes effect which can directly embolden the individual to push the limits. We are relational beings, meant to be in face-to-face community with other people. When we do not have the ability to have good or difficult conversations…
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My Story

The Catalyst Just two years earlier, we had moved from California where I had close friends and family who knew me at my core and accepted every bit of what made me, me. After the move to Colorado, I became distinctly aware of my differences. I dressed like an odd white version of Steve Erkel…
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